The Walter Cronkite Sports Network is a student-run organization stationed out of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication in Phoenix, AZ, as a part of Arizona State University. The content on this site will be provided primarily by aspiring sports journalists. As an organization, WCSN strives for excellence in all of its ventures.

Sports currently being covered by Cronkite Sports include (in order of season): ASU women’s volleyball (broadcast in junction with the Pac-12 Networks, print); ASU women’s soccer (broadcast in junction with the Pac-12 Networks; print); ASU football (print); ASU division 1 men’s hockey (broadcast, print); ASU division 2 men’s hockey (broadcast); WSHL (Junior A Hockey) Arizona Redhawks (broadcast); ASU men’s basketball (print); ASU women’s basketball (broadcast in junction with the Pac-12 Networks, print); ASU baseball (broadcast in junction with the Pac-12 Networks, print); ASU softball (broadcast in junction with the Pac-12 Networks, print); ASU lacrosse (broadcast, print); Arizona High School Hockey Association, playoffs (broadcast); Goltz Summer Hockey League, youth hockey (broadcast).

The organization was originally founded as a hockey broadcast organization in 2008, providing live broadcasts of Arizona State men’s hockey. From there, its hockey broadcasting expanded into the nearby Arizona Redhawks while still calling games for ASU. In the fall of 2012, CronkiteSports.com was launched as the group of hockey broadcasters began to produce articles and written coverage for all of the primary ASU sports.

Since then, WCSN has become the number one destination in ASU men’s lacrosse to go along with hockey, and called games for the school’s baseball team in the following spring. Early in the summer of 2013, the Pac-12 Network agreed to a deal with the Walter Cronkite Sports Network for Pac-12 webcasts of six ASU sports to be orchestrated with the talent and technical help of WCSN members.

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