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Handy being Handy

(Photo: Debbie Braasch/ASU Lacrosse)

Losing only a total three faceoffs in his first two games this past weekend, Zack Handy has had a beastly start to the season. Handy attributed his success (32 wins in 35 total tries) to his coaches, most notably Ben Vosika, who stress the importance of winning faceoffs.

“I really took that under my belt and I really fought hard to really make sure that every faceoff was won and the offense was getting the ball as much as possible,” Handy said.

For the first faceoff of every game he has ever played at ASU, Handy said, he has been nervous. Once that first faceoff is over with, all the nerves fall away and it becomes just another game.

When asked if that anxiety pushes him to win his faceoffs even more, Handy said, “Without a doubt.” He described the feeling as a “huge boost of adrenaline that’s just surging through my body.” He said that feeling helps him fight for the ground balls harder and to work harder with his team.

There has been real no difference in his preparation than in previous seasons. The only thing that has changed is his focus on getting into better shape. He has been engaged in more running drills and sprints in effort to get in better shape. He explained that since he is focusing more on what happens after the face-off, he is involved in a lot more running.

A lot of his motivation comes from Coach Vosika, who was also formerly a faceoff specialist at ASU.

With high hopes on the season, Handy said he and the rest of the team can win it all. With a great start to season so far, the Sun Devils have potential to make it to the big show and having Zack Handy handling faceoffs only helps them achieve that goal.

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