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WCSN hockey coverage: letter from the editor

The Walter Cronkite Sports Network will continue to cover Arizona State hockey this year, as WCSN has done since its conception as the Walter Cronkite Hockey Broadcasting Organization in 2008.

My name is Jayson Chesler and I will be WCSN’s hockey editor this year. I will be heading the written and multimedia coverage of ASU’s AHCA hockey team, which will occur in conjunction with WCSN’s live broadcasts of ASU hockey games.

Quality hockey coverage has always been something members of Cronkite Sports have taken pride in, and last year’s coverage was truly something to be proud of. However, there’s still plenty to improve upon.

ASU’s hockey team has been accommodating enough to give WCSN the level of access required for great content – it now falls on us, the collective members of WCSN’s hockey coverage team, to produce that content.

Don’t, however, confuse my appreciation for the access ASU hockey grants us with an affiliation with the school or program. WCSN is stationed out of Arizona State and consists of ASU’s student journalists, but we are not a P.R. operation for the university or ASU hockey. Our coverage will be fair, critical when necessary and may even be controversial at times.

This year, our coverage will hopefully include a balance of game coverage, longer form features and creative pieces. I’m open to any suggestions on articles, angles and coverage along with any criticism, questions or general comments.

I can be reached by email at or on Twitter @JayChesler.

I’m excited to cover ASU hockey and am confident that WCSN will provide the best coverage possible. Thank you.

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