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Utah vs. Arizona State Game Thread

(Photo: Scotty Bara/WCSN) 

11:09- FINAL: Utah 49 ASU 26. Arizona State has now lost 4 straight and faces no. 4 Washington next week.

11:02- TOUCHDOWN: RB Joe Williams scores once again on a 40-yard rush TD. Wide open lane for him to trot in the end zone. 49-46 Utah with 3:09 left in the 4th. Drive Track: 3 plays, 46 yards, 1:34.

10:56- Fans still filtering out of the stadium as ASU has to punt it once again.

10:53- A big depletion of fans from Sun Devil Stadium. Stands look to be about 1/4 full if that.

10:50- INT: Wilkins is picked off by DB Chase Hansen and is returned for a pick 6. Utah now leads 42-26 after the INT. 5:46 in 4th.

10:46- Arizona State takes over on offense at their own 8-yard line after the dribbling punt.

10:40- ASU has to punt once again, this time a 46-yard punt from Haack. Utah starts their 12th drive at their own 33-yard line.

10:37- Freshman N’Keal Harry has stolen the spotlight from the seniors as he just caught another big gain pass. This one a 27 yarder for a 1st down.

10:32- TOUCHDOWN: QB Troy Williams throws a 24-yard TD to Raelon Singleton. This is Singleton’s 3rd TD of the game. 35-26 Utah. 11:48 left in the 4th. Drive Track: 10 plays, 75 yards, 5:14.

10:30- A couple of holding calls on the Utah offense on this drive. Now 1st and 35 for the Utes.

10:26- Many boos from the crowd as the refs keep calling penalties on ASU. Most recently, Kareem Orr on pass interference.

10:21- End of the 3rd Quarter: Utah 28 ASU 26. Fans still furious about the pass interference call from the previous play series.

10:20- Penalty called on Armand Perry for pass interference and fans are not happy. Ball spotted at the ASU 44-yard line.

10:14- TOUCHDOWN: Tim White gets his feet in on the 12-yard pass from Wilkins. 2-point conv. no good. 28-26 Utah with 2:02 in the 3rd. Drive Track: 10 plays, 62 yards, 4:07

10:12- Speaking of Harry, he comes up big on a 21-yard pass for a first down.

10:10- False start called on ASU WR N’Keal Harry. Ball pushed back to the Utah 37-yard line.

10:08- Timeout taken by Arizona State with 4:46 left in the third quarter.

10:04- DJ Calhoun comes up big for the Sun Devil defense as he makes the tackle on Utah RB Joe Williams for the 3rd down stop.

10:02- Utah’s offense still looking hot as QB Troy Williams is now 16-28 with 222 yards and 3 TD’s.

9:57- Manny Wilkins tries to dip and dive the QB rush but turns up empty on the attempted third down conversion. Pass to Ballage only good for 8 yards.

9:54- Quick side note, much of the crowd has left at this point in the game. Student sections in both end zones look of half of what they were in the first half.

9:50-TOUCHDOWN- Utah RB Joe Williams runs for 82 yards on the rushing TD. No coverage from any defenders as they all looked gassed on the only play of the drive. 28-20 Utah with 9:41 in the 3rd. Drive Track: 1 plays, 82 yards, 0:14

9:47- After a sack and a tackle for loss, Arizona State has to punt away. Matt Haack launches a 32-yard punt to put the Utes at their own 28-yard line.

9:45- Delay of game called on the ASU offense. Ball pushed back to the 29-yard line on 1st and 15.

9:42- Wilkins pass to Fred Gammage good for 22 yards. Gammage has 2 receptions for 68 yards on his senior night.

9:40- Start of the second half as ASU receives the kick and starts at their own 25 on the touchback.

9:18- HALFTIME: ASU 20 Utah 21. Kalen Ballage: 11 carries, 32 yards, 1 TD. 2 Receptions, 80 yards.

9:15- TOUCHDOWN: Utah WR Raelon Singleton wide open on the 17-yard pass as Utah gets the TD. 21-20 Utah with :22 left before half. Drive Track: 11 plays, 82 yards, 3:02

9:14- :28 left before halftime as Utah tries to score before heading into the locker room.

9:12- Another big hit from DJ Calhoun, this time on Utah QB Troy Williams near the sideline.

9:10- After an initial QB rush, Utes convert on 3rd down on a 22-yard pass to WR Tim Patrick. 

9:06- DJ Calhoun shows his strength on a brutal hit. Calhoun has made 5 total tackles in the game leading the team.

9:03- TOUCHDOWN: With some quick feet and short hops, N’Keal Harry makes Utah defenders look like foreigners as he gets the 31-yard catch and run TD. Great athleticism by the freshman. 3:36 left in the 2nd. Drive Track: 6 plays, 92 yards, 2:34.

9:01- Wilkins launches a 38-yard completion to Redshirt SR. Tim White. That was also White’s first catch of the game.

8:59- The Flex Cam goes around on the timeout taken by the Sun Devils with 6:10 left in the 2nd quarter.

8:55- Penalty called on Utah WR Tim Patrick for illegal hands to the face. Ball placed on the ASU 45-yard line after being previously spotted on the 37. Punt to come for the Utes.

8:53- Head coach Todd Graham very angry with S James Johnson on the missed tackle.

8:50- Wilkins sacked by by DT Lowell Lotulelei. RB Kalen Ballage also tackled for a loss. 3 plays on the drive, 3 lost yardage plays.

8:44- TOUCHDOWN: Utah QB Troy Williams launches a 27-yard pass to WR Siaosi Wilson for the TD to give Utah the lead. 14-13 Utah. 10:13 in the 2nd. Drive Track: 4 plays, 54 yards, 1:13

8:42 Utah WR Cory Butler-Byrd looked like he was going down, but gathered his footing to pick up a first down for the Utes.

8:39- ASU punter Matt Hawke gets 39-yards on the punt as Utah takes over on offense from their own 46-yard line.

8:37- Demario Richard back in the game for ASU. Did not take a snap during the first quarter and was expected to play in this one.

8:32- TOUCHDOWN: Utah cuts the deficit on a 64-yard pass to WR Raelon Singleton. DB Kareem Orr was beat on the play. 13:43 in the 2nd. Drive Track: 4 plays, 75 yards, 1:57.

8:31- Utah RB Joe Williams pushes through

8:26-End of First Quarter: ASU 13 Utah 0. Kalen Ballage 37 Yds, 1 TD Rushing and 2 catches for 80 yds receiving. Sun Devil offense has come out with a lot of fire and the ground game has looked good. Utah’s offense appears flustered with only 28 total yards.

8:24- FIELD GOAL: Gonzalez kicks another one to put the Sun Devils up 13-0. :40 left in the 1st. Drive Track: 7 plays, 68 yards, 2:48

8:21- Kalen Ballage erupts on a huge 71-yard catch and run after dipping and diving through a couple Utah defenders. 1st and 10 from the Utah 16-yard line.

8:20- Arizona State takes over on offense after forcing the Utes to punt. Ball on the ASU 14-yard line.

8:18- Utah’s offense has been disrupted by many broken passes from the Sun Devil secondary. QB Troy Williams is 4-8, 26 yards so far.

8:14- TOUCHDOWN: RB Kalen Ballage pushes through on the 2-yard rush to give ASU a 10-0 lead over Utah. 4:09 left in the first. Drive Track: 5 plays, 67 yards, 1:25

8:13- The double-flea-flicker proves to work as WR N’Keal Harry launches one to give the Sun Devils a first down.

8:09- Utah has to punt. P Mitch Wishnowsky boots a 45-yarder to ASU WR Tim White. Fair catch on the punt. The Sun Devils start their third drive at their own 43-yard line.

8:07- False start called on Utah OL Jackson Barton.

8:06- Keys jingle around Sun Devil Stadium as Gonzalez launches another touchback. Utah starts their third drive at their own 25-yard line.

8:02- FIELD GOAL: Place kicker Zane Gonzalez boots one through the uprights as Arizona State takes an early 3-0 lead. 7:18 left in the first. Drive Track: 9 plays, 42 yards, 2:51

8:00- Timeout on the field for an injured player. Utah LB Sunia Tauteoli down on the field. ASU QB Manny Wilkins also looked flustered after his 6-yard rush.

7:56- Arizona State true freshman WR N’Keal Harry makes an impressive catch on the 24-yard pass. Ball at the Utah 25-yard line.

7:55- Call stands ASU ball from the Utah 48-yard line.

7:53- Another fumble and another recovery for Arizona State, this time LB Laiu Moeakiola recovers the ball near the ASU sideline. The recovery is now under official review.

7:49- Timeout taken by the Sun Devils. 10:16 left in the first quarter.

7:48- Arizona State called for pass interference. DB Armand Perry called on the play. 1st and 10 Utah on their own 48-yard line.

7:45- Penalty called on the Sun Devils on the tackle for loss. DL Tashon Smallwood cited for a personal foul.

7:41- Wilkins is intercepted on the pass to the end zone. Interception made by Utes’ safety Marcus Williams. 1st and 10 Utah at their own 15-yard line. Drive track: 6 plays, 10 yards, 2:19.

7:40- Manny Wilkins takes the starting quarterback position for today. Wilkins did not play in the game against Oregon as he suffered an injury in the game against Colorado.

7:37- On the first play of the game, the Sun Devil defense comes up big as a recovered fumble from George Lea puts them at the Utah 24-yard line.

7:37- Opening kickoff and the Utes receive. Touchback for Utah as the ball will be placed at the Utah 25-yard line.

7:30- Almost time for kickoff as veterans and servicemen were honored in the pre-game ceremonies. Seniors for the Sun Devils were also greeted with cheers and a handshake from head coach Todd Graham.

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