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Two-Headed Monster

(Photo: Steve Rodriguez/ASU Athletics)

It’s double overtime. One hundred and 17 minutes have gone by, and both teams are exhausted.

That’s when forwards Devin Marshall and Cali Farquharson take over.

Marshall gets the ball 12 yards out of the penalty box, and passes a through ball to Farquharson. Farquharson splits two defenders, and boots the ball past the goal keeper for the win.

The dynamic duo celebrates, as they have just defeated Illinois.

This is just one of many performances that make Farquharson and Marshall the best pair of Pac-12 forwards.

“We’ve got the two-headed monster,” head coach Kevin Boyd said. “Both of those two girls are absolutely difference makers. They’re just special players.”

With three teams ranked in the top-25, the Pac-12 is one of the most competitive conferences in the country. Boyd said that having Farquharson and Marshall is comforting heading into conference play on Sunday.

“I’ve thought all along we’re a potential top three team…from top to bottom there’s very little disparity,” Boyd said. “I know [Cali] has nine goals, and [Devin] has five goals, so it’s great to have that.”

Farquharson and Marshall are the top scoring duo in the Pac-12 with a combined 14 goals. Farquharson is also fourth in the nation in goals per game average with 1.125.

“Devin runs everyone over and I’m there to finish,” Farquharson said. “Everyone brings something different and that’s why I think we work so well together.”

Marshall acknowledges that she’s not afraid to play aggressively.

“I’m not afraid of getting hit or getting hurt. I’ve had plenty of concussions, but I still have yet to have that fear in my head,” Marshall said. “Which may be a good thing or a bad thing, I haven’t quite figured it out.”

Boyd believes that the different playing styles of both players makes them so effective.

“They’re both just incredible players that feed off of each other. They’re both tactically smart, but they both bring something different,” Boyd said. “With Devin it’s a little bit more going all out and working really hard for a scrappy goal, as well as being able to score the great goal. Cali can spin the defenders backwards and forwards, and have them running around her in circles.”

While the duo was unable to score in last week’s 2-0 loss to Boise State, Marshall said she is still confident going into her last season of conference play.

“Nobody wants to have regrets when they finish,” Marshall said. “I am trying to step up as a leader as much as I can this year. It’s my last year to make a difference.”

While this may be Marshall’s last season, she recognizes that Farquharson is the future of Sun Devil soccer.

“I feel like a proud mom when Cali scores,” Marhsall said. “I’m always excited for her.”


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