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Speculation: Twitter, Jahii Carson, NBA Draft pt. 2

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Last week, WCSN speculated about the possibility of Jahii Carson being “one-and-done” as an ASU basketball player. Considering his increased play and exposure as the season progresses, as well as the alarming tweets from his mother’s Twitter accounts. 

There has been progression in that speculation as Jahii’s mother, Vanae Carson, whose tweets we saw last time, became a bit more candid today in a Twitter conversation with the account “Jahiisus’ Disciples.”  

Carson’s mother, to her credit, did say she was frustrated with negative comments being thrown her son’s way before, during, and after her Twitter rant. Nevertheless, this conversation occurred early Friday afternoon.


Vanae did say she was having a rough day and that these tweets might have been emotionally driven. “Jahiisus’ Disciples” attempted to cheer her up, not prepared to let Vanae’s bad day inspire an early departure by Jahii from Arizona State.

These tweets being the product of a bad day might be so, but as the conversation neared its end Carson replied to “Jahiisus’ Disciples” comment “Staying can give us an edge in recruiting this season” with this tweet.


Carson is referring to the Cleveland Cavilers attempting to keep LeBron James (LBJ) in Cleveland by building a team up around him, rather than letting him leave to free agency.

This is a tad bit of a stretch as far as analogies go comparing Jahii’s situation in college to James’ in the NBA; however, the tweet is still alarming. 

First, Vanae tweets that she hopes her son is “one-and-done,” then she counters an argument for ASU’s star freshman to stay in Tempe with a “Decision”-like analogy. 

These tweets as always are just speculation, and nowhere near the proclamation of an ASU basketball apocalypse being near. However, we all know how the opinions of parents can often impact their athlete’s final decisions.

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