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Speculation: Twitter, Jahii Carson, and the NBA Draft.

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At this time last season they were 7-14, this year they’re 17-4. Also at this time last season the Sun Devils did not have Jahii Carson starting at point guard for their basketball squad. He might not be the sole reason for their 10 game swing, however, it’s hard to imagine ASU being at this point without the star freshman’s services.

Carson is a tremendous talent on the court, but one question has been in the back of Arizona State fans’ minds every time Carson blows by his defender and converts a floater in the lane, how long will he be doing it for us?

As any sensible observer that likes to speculate would do, we here at WCSN took to Twitter looking for answers. In that quest some interesting things were discovered in the Twitter accounts of Carson, and his mother Vanae Carson.

The elephant in the room was finally mentioned by the radio station Arizona Sports 620 during an interview with Carson. Carson’s response? “I don’t see myself leaving too early.”

Very cryptic, as well as less than reassuring, but Carson will be given the benefit of the doubt. Begs to be noted though, this was re-tweeted by the starting point guard’s Twitter.

Red flags were raised again, when one week later Carson’s mother, Vanae, manually re-tweeted Sun Devils Athletics and added her own thoughts after the quotes.


Does it confirm that thoughts of leaving for the draft have been flowing through at least one Carson’s mind? The boxes in this screenshots were former characters that depicted three pairs of clapping hands and three thumbs up. Can’t explain the excess of boxes, but in Ms. Carson’s opinion, Kearney’s arrival is more reason to “consider returning.” What else is being considered? We’re doing enough speculating as it is.

Arguably the most concerning social media transaction of all was tweeted/instagrammed Friday, when Carson’s mother mirthfully questioned a mock draft that had ASU’s floor general being drafted in the first round by the Miami Heat.


Characters in this tweet consisted of two basketballs, two sets of stars and two pairs of clapping hands again.

Scary stuff for ASU supporters. Although it can be reasonably argued that a Miami Heat team with a firm point guard rotation of Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole would not be Carson’s landing spot, other NBA teams may develop an affinity for him as the season progresses.

Even with flaws working against him, such as the need to develop a consistent left hand and his 5-10 frame, would it be crazy to hear “Jahii Carson, Arizona State University” come from the commissioner’s mouth on behalf of one of these late round teams?

Food for thought: is it that far-fetched to liken Carson to a Russell Westbrook? Unbelievable athleticism and bounce around the rim, an up-and-coming mid-range jump shot, and uncanny quickness in the open court. Only things working against Carson are his size, and the development of his off hand. Not to mention the fact that these late round picks are notoriously used on potential backup and project players by teams that can afford the risk.

Again, this is purely speculation, courtesy of one of the world’s greatest resources: Twitter. But the facts remain: This is not Carson’s first year on campus. He was redshirted last year, and endured classes then, and obviously if playing basketball for ASU next year would be in the classroom once again.

With the growing stock of Carson with the national media that includes — articles, interviews, top-20 player rankings by prominent ESPN analysts, and Pac-12 freshman of the month awards — the thought is at least rolling around in the kid’s mind.

Will this exuberantly talented freshman continue his career at Arizona State next season, or by season’s end will his draft stock have risen to the point that the NBA Draft makes sense? That’s the biggest killer of all: we don’t know, we can only speculate.   

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