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Jahii Carson: The Human Highlight Reel

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Yes, it is fully understood that Arizona State’s football season is just a day away. However, for those more interested in Jahii Carson permanently embedding himself into the painted area of an Adidas camp, you’re in luck. YouTube has you covered with a Jahii Carson video that is smoother than anything you’ve seen as of late.

Watch as the video starts off with close ups of Carson and Adidas, sparkling noises, and just an upbeat tempo that makes you think you are watching the opening theme song of a 1960s television show.

Just as you settle into the soothing background music the beat drops, along with dimes thrown by Carson into the teeth of the defense.

From there on out the video is a mixed drink of chaos, with ingredients including: bounce passes galore, floaters, and an abundance of hesitation dribbles leaving defenders calling for help.

Honestly, offering up a moment of silence would probably be appropriate. Here’s one for the young men that attempted to guard Carson and were then taken off the dribble and finished on at the hole.

He’s 21. He has over 18,000 tweets. And he looks way too crafty for anyone in that gymnasium.

Now, to only wait until this is being conducted in Wells Fargo Arena, and the recipients of these needle threading bounce and no-look passes are Jordan Bachynski and Eric Jacobsen.

Like I said, I realize football season is just starting. But still.



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