ASU Women’s Hockey: Inaugural games between Devils and Lopes establish fierce feud for years to come

(Photo: Nicholas Badders/WCSN) For football, basketball and baseball, it's obvious who the rival of Arizona State is. Arizona. Even the smaller sports at ASU like volleyball, soccer and softball and feature big implications when playing "that team down south." When the men's hockey team played at the ACHA level, their bouts with the Wildcats

ASU Women’s Hockey: Game of zones and firsts sees Devils record first program shutout and road victory

(Photo: Nicholas Badders/WCSN) A battle for Arizona ACHA superiority renewed itself for the fourth time this season as thee Arizona State Sun Devils traveled up north to Glendale to play the Lopes of Grand Canyon University Friday night. The Devils entered Friday night riding a six-game losing streak, looking to find themselves

BREAKING: Borges eligible to play remainder of women’s hockey season

(Photo: Nicholas Badders/WCSN) After a semester long of speculation, it was confirmed Thursday that despite graduating Dec. 11, Arizona State women's hockey forward and assistant captain Dannika Borges will be eligible to spend the remainder of the 2017-18 season on the roster and playing with the team. With graduation for Borges looming,