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ASU Lacrosse: No. 12 Sun Devils look to get a second straight win versus No. 20 UNLV

(Photo: Jodi Vosika/ASU Lacrosse)

After snapping their losing streak against No.19 San Diego State on Friday, the No. 12 Arizona State Sun Devils will get set to take on the No. 20 UNLV Rebels in their last home game of the season.

ASU’s stud freshman goalie Jonny Perlite and junior attackman Rhett Rodgers have been their go to guys at both ends of the field. Perlite had 16 saves in the last game, and Rodgers thrived against San Diego States zone defense, scoring three goals.

The Rebels are on a three game winning streak, and in their last game at UCLA they won 22-9.

ASU plans to build on what they started doing earlier against SDSU.

“We plan to take what we did on Sunday into the next game,” Rodgers said. “But they are physical, they’re a little bit bigger and tougher.”

UNLV’s physicality is something that the Sun Devils have been focusing on as they move closer to their matchup against the Rebels.

“They have to have the feeling the difference between the defeats and the wins,” ASU head coach Todd MacRobbie said. “You have to go out there and have that pride and desire.”

Keys Of The Game

Executing clears:

This is something the Sun Devils have struggled with as of late. They need to focus more on getting an effective clear before they can begin to set up their offense. If they can do this, it will lead into the next key of the game- effective and quick shot selection.

Quick shot selection:

UNLV only runs 15 men deep, meaning they only have five subs. ASU can exploit this fault by running a quick offense and taking quick and effective shots exhausting UNLV by making them play up to ASU’s speed.


One thing UNLV does best is play physical, and something ASU has been trying to improve on this season is becoming more physical. This will be a test for ASU to see just how much they have grown thus far in seeing how they will be able to fair against the Rebels physicality.


Rhett Rodgers and Johnny Perlite:

Rodgers is the key for the Sun Devils offense, his ability take quick and effective shots will greatly benefit his team in the game.

Perlite, the 5-foot-10-inch freshman, had 16 saves on goal in ASU’s last matchup, he will look to build on his momentum from last game.


ASU will be able to get this one done at home.  This is a divisional game so both schools have a lot on the line. However, ASU’s balance of experience and fresh legs is going to give them the defining upper hand in this game.

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