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ASU Lacrosse: Henry Archie shines in preseason practice

(Photo: Jodi Vosika/ASU Lacrosse)

The transition in between fall ball and spring practices can be a crucial period for player’s to improve their craft and stand out about the rest. It becomes apparent immediately who put in the extra work over break and who didn’t. For some people that extra effort is enough to earn them more playing time.

Midfielder Henry Archie has only been able to muster two goals in his first two seasons at ASU. Mostly used as a defensive short stick during the Chris Malone era, Archie projects to be a second line midfielder in 2015.

When Archie arrived to practice after winter break, he surprised many with his conditioning. He was one of four players to pass the run test, an idea Thon adopted from North Carolina. It includes twenty 100-yard sprints, three sprints of 300 yards, and finally the players are required to run a mile in under six minutes. All players must finish each sprint in under a certain amount of time with little time for rest in between.

Coach Thon, a former NCAA player, even elected to run with the team. Thon wasn’t able to meet the required times, finishing one second off the required mark.

The players who didn’t pass were required to run the drill again each Tuesday and Thursday until they met the required time. Archie, who wasn’t required to run the test anymore, decided to run with his team again. Coach Thon praised his maturity and team-first mentality.

“He’s just a team player,” Thon praised. “He’ll do anything you say. He’ll run through a brick wall for you.”

When Henry was asked how his work ethic has changed since the start of fall ball, he was quick to mention that his work ethic has been the same since day one. He attributed his rapid ascension in the depth chart to a newfound sense of confidence. Archie said the hard work that he’s put in throughout the years has helped him gain confidence in his skills. He was then quick to mention something former head coach Chris Malone would always tell his players: “Hard work builds confidence.”

“Just working hard is giving me the confidence to make plays out there. I’m just happy to be out here playing lax. If anything I’m just excited to get the season going because I wouldn’t rather be doing anything else with my college career.”

Henry Archie is a living testament to the saying hard work pays off.

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