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ASU Lacrosse: Even with a year off in 2015, Adam Beauchamp shows no signs of rust

(Photo: Jodi Vosika/ASU Lacrosse)

When thinking of offensive scoring forces in lacrosse, most eyes go to the attack, but one Sun Devil midfielder has defied that perception by putting up nine goals in the first five games this season.   

Senior midfielder Adam Beauchamp has posted great numbers in every season, except in 2015. Beauchamp took the year off from lacrosse because he “needed a little break.” The game was starting to wear on him and with the 2015 coaching change, he felt it was best to take a step back.

During his year off, Beauchamp focused on his gameplay and coming back to the team because he realized his willingness to play and his love for the game.

Some might say that taking a year off from a sport can hinder your progress or decrease skills, but That’s not the case with Beauchamp. This year’s statistics show that he’s right back where he ended in 2014. 

He has still been taking multiple, accurate shots in games and is still the energetic player many people are used to seeing. But, there are some changes in his play style that has been noticed. 

“I think he might be trying to do different things,” MacRobbie said. “I think time away from the game gives you a little more desire and a little bit more effort you want to put in when you’re away from the game.”

The desire has been seen throughout this year. Beauchamp always encourages and pushes everyone during practice, according to his teammates. He shows his passion for the game in his crave for winning.

This attitude lead the midfielder to have a good freshman season scoring eight goals and collecting two assists. Sophomore year, Beauchamp was sixth on the team in both goals (20) and points (30).

His performance hasn’t slowed down as he is averaging 1.8 goals per game this season. That’s his same stat line in 2014. 

“He’s a sweep guy and tries to shoot from the outside,” head coach Todd MacRobbie said.

In ASU’s most recent loss to Brigham Young University, Beauchamp had his second hat trick performance and his third multiple goal game this season.

Even with the rough start the Sun Devils have had this season, the junior still finds a spark to inspire himself and his teammates.

“I try and find energy every time to attack my guy,” Beauchamp said. “Just try to keep the momentum going. I need to put myself in the spot to help my teammates succeed.”

Beauchamp is described by his teammates as energetic, silly, and intense. Many on the team praise him for his voice on and off the field. Fellow sophomore midfielder Tommy Carasco mentioned how much of an impact Beauchamp has on this team.

Beauchamp’s motivating factors give his teammates a certain edge during practices and game time. During practice, that intensity can be seen throughout each drill and scrimmage conducted.

“He just gets people going,” Carasco said. “He’ll push you on the field. He’ll be really aggressive and it sometimes annoys you but it gets you going.”

You’ll see Beauchamp putting on his cleats, cracking jokes and reflecting on his day with his teammates. He shows his care by talking with them and keeping the atmosphere light.   

The positive attitude he brings to practice helps his teammates greatly. Carasco mentioned how Beauchamp is looked at as a great leader on the team despite not being named a captain this year. His joy is then transitioned to business and an all-out effort as soon as he steps foot on the playing surface.

“I try to keep it fresh and mix it up a lot (in practice),” Beauchamp said. “I’m not scared to push them (teammates) and show who I can be off the field on the field.”

Influenced by his older brother, Adam started initially playing lacrosse around his fifth grade year. He then started playing for club teams throughout Tempe and Ahwatukee during his middle school years.

Beauchamp also mentioned how he was not the biggest guy throughout his career. He stands at 5-foot-10 and weighs about 155 pounds. He was not the most highly recruited guy because of his size, but that never bothered Beauchamp.

His decision to come to Arizona State was due to former head coach, Chris Malone, who offered him a walk-on spot.

“It made me not be in the background,” Beauchamp said. “It proved I should be recognized as a whole. It really made me a well-rounded player.”

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