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ASU Football: ASU vs. TTU Game Thread

(Photo: Scotty Bara/WCSN) 

10:54-Final: ASU 68 TTU 55. Record breaking game for a couple of Sun Devils as ASU improves to 2-0 on the season and TTU goes to 1-1. Final Stat Line: Kalen Ballage: 185 total yards, 8 TD’s, 10.5 yards per carry, 75 lng. Crazy night for Ballage and all Sun Devil fans.

10:52- Timeout ASU. 0:39 left in the game.

10:51- TTU has no timeouts left with about 1 minute to go and ASU is just letting the play clock go down.

10:49-INT: ASU CB Gump Hayes wrangles in his second interception of the game as there is now less than three minutes to go in the contest. ASU at the TTU 36-yard line.

10:46-FIELD GOAL: ASU Kicker Zane Gonzalez launches a 43 yard field goal. His 77th career field goal and has now moved up to 15th place for the NCAA career field goals made list. ASU leads 68-55 with 3:04 to go.

10:42- Timeout Texas Tech. 3:23 left in the game. Arizona State wisely milking the clock on this drive.

10:40-Arizona State takes a 30-second timeout with 4:01 left in the contest. Incredible performances from both team’s offenses. TTU QB Patrick Mahomes II 38-51 for 540 yards with 5 TD’s. ASU QB Manny Wilkins 28-37 with 351 yards and 2 TD’s.

10:34- ASU RB Demario Richard with a good middle run for 17 yards. The ASU offense has been looking great. In the game over 600 yards of total offense for the Sun Devils.

10:30-TOUCHDOWN: Red Raiders add another touchdown on the scoreboard on a 66-yard passing TD to Cameron Batson. Extra point good. 65-55 ASU with 8:16 to go.

10:26-TOUCHDOWN: This is no joke, Kalen Ballage has scored again. He has tied the NCAA record, broken the PAC-12 record and the ASU school record for single game scoring. A 75-yard touchdown run. Extra point good. 65-48 ASU.

10:21-TOUCHDOWN: Red Raiders score on a five-yard rush TD from Demarcus Felton. Run was up the middle. TTU still trailing 58-48 with 9:23 left in the game.

10:19- Kalen Ballage only needs one more touchdown to tie the FBS record.

10:14- TOUCHDOWN: ASU scores on a one-yard rush by…you guessed it…Kalen Ballage. The RB has now broken a PAC-12 single game record for scoring. He’s kind of good at what he does. Extra point good. ASU leads 58-41 with 10:57 left in the game.

10:13-INT- TTU QB Patrick Mahomes II is intercepted by Gump Hayes and returned to the one yard line.

10:11- ASU has scored on six of their last seven drives. On this one they have to punt it away. Haack boots it for 52 yards. Each of Haack’s punts have landed inside the 20-yard line.

10:04-Start of the fourth quarter. Sun Devil Stadium may not be full but it is thundering with cheers for their home team.

10:00-End of the third quarter. Fans are still going crazy over Ballage’s incredible performance tonight. Ballage’s stat line: 58 rush yards 48 receiving yards 5 rush TD’s, 1 pass TD.

9:54- TOUCHDOWN: RB Kalen Ballage has broken the school record for single-game scoring on a 7-yard TD rush. Great performance from the Colorado native. Extra point good. 51-41 Sun Devils with 0:43 left in the third quarter.

9:50- Manny Wilkins’ legs start motoring as he cuts back and hurdles a TTU defender. It seems as though he’s comfortable doing that despite head coach Todd Grahams’ thoughts on the matter.

9:45- ASU takes over on a 51-yard touchback punt. Their previous five scoring drives have all resulted in touchdowns, all from Kalen Ballage. 

9:41-A personal foul from Fred Gammage keeps the TTU drive alive as Gammage roughed the punter on the kick.

9:38- A confusing fair catch call from TTU as they start on their own eight-yard line.

9:33-TOUCHDOWN: Fireworks light up Sun Devil Stadium as RB Kalen Ballage gets in for his fifth scoring play of the game. Ballage now ties the ASU football single-game record with his fifth touchdown. Extra point good. 44-41 ASU with 8:32 left in the third quarter.

9:31- Texas Tech gets their second pass interference call of the drive. In the game, TTU has been called on eight penalties for 89 yards. ASU is at 5-45.

9:28- The Sun Devil offense is firing as they gain 48 yards on two plays for their first drive of the 3rd quarter.

9:23- TOUCHDOWN: Texas Tech takes the lead on a one-yard rush by RB Justin Stockton up the middle and through a pile. Extra point good from Hatfield. TTU leads 41-37 with 11:45 left in the third quarter.

9:17- Second half begins as Texas Tech takes a touchback to start their 9th drive.

9:11- Both teams starting to come on the field. A couple of quick stats. Manny Wilkins 16-22 with 228 yds and 2 TD’s. Kalen Ballage has scored four times, three on the ground and is averaging 6.8 yards per carry. Kody Kohl has the most receiving yards (67) on two catches. N’Keal Harry caught his first career touchdown reception. ASU defense has given up 380 yards total. TTU’s defense has given up 354 yards total.

8:55- Halftime. In the second quarter six touchdowns were exchanged by both teams. Score remains 37-34 ASU as the Sun Devil Marching Band takes the field.

8:51-TOUCHDOWN: QB Patrick Mahomes II completes a 13-yard TD pass to Jonathan Giles up the middle. Hatfield adds the extra point as the Red Raiders trail 37-34 with 0:53 left in the half.

8:49- Lots of open space in the ASU secondary as TTU completes four passes in a row.

8:45- TOUCHDOWN: RB Kalen Ballage sweeps to the outside for a four-yard TD run to give the Sun Devils a 37-27 lead. Great blocking on the offensive line. Extra point good from Gonzalez. 37-27 with 2:17 left.

8:44- Texas Tech takes a timeout with 2:21 left in the second. ASU deep in the red zone at the four yard line.

8:41- Lots of passing in this game as both quarterbacks have each thrown the ball 20 times so far.

8:34-TOUCHDOWN: Mahomes throws his third touchdown pass of the day for 11 yards to Dylan Cantrell. Texas Tech also gets their first sideline warning. Extra point no good. ASU leads 30-27 with 5:21 left in the second quarter.

8:33- A huge false start call on the Red Raiders prevents a thought of interception.

8:30- ASU defense now looks spotty as missed tackles have been a common theme later in the quarter.

8:28- Texas Tech starting off hot on their 8th drive of the day. Sun Devil defense has something else to say as JoJo Wicker tackles TTU QB Patrick Mahomes II for only a 1-yard gain.

8:23-TOUCHDOWN: Kalen Ballage gets his third touchdown of the day on a one-yard rush. Ballage is also averaging nine yards per carry. Extra point good. ASU leads it 30-21 with 8:30 left in the second quarter.

8:19- Jaws drop as Kalen Ballage trucks through multiple Red Raider defenders on a 37-yard rush to put the Sun Devils at the TTU 13-yard line.

8:18- The home roar is effective as TTU has to punt it away. Arizona State starts their 6th drive at the 50-yard line.

8:15- Fans are still filled with excitement from the previous Sun Devil touchdown as they try to discourage TTU from completing their fourth third-down attempt.

8:10- TOUCHDOWN: An excellent trick play executed by ASU as Manny Wilkins launches a 39-yard TD pass to Kalen Ballage. A reverse flee flicker in the backfield had Texas Tech’s defense flustered. ASU leads 23-21. Kick from Gonzalez is good.

8:09- Wilkins completes a pass to Sun Devil TE Kody Kohl for 31 yards. This was Kohl’s first reception of the day.

8:01- The Red Raiders answer right back as RB Justin Stockton dips and dodges past ASU’s backfield to complete a 75-yard touchdown pass. Extra point good from Hatfield. Red Raiders lead 21-16 with 12:55 left in the second quarter. Drive was two plays and took only 22 seconds.

8:00- Keys jingle accross Sun Devil stadium as Zane Gonzalez kicks the first touchback of the game.

7:56-TOUCHDOWN: ASU gets their second touchdown of the night on a one-yard rush from RB Kalen Ballage. This is Ballage’s second rushing touchdown of the season. Extra point good from Zane Gonzalez to make the score 16-14 Sun Devils with 13:17 left in the second quarter.

7:53- A thought strip from TTU is called back on a personal foul from the Red Raider secondary. TTU has three penalties for 39 yards.

7:50- End of first quarter. During the break a new fan game is created where one lucky fan goes down to the field and tries to throw a football in a giant bucket-like object to win some money. Unfortunately, today’s contestant did not get the big prize, but won a free shirt.

7:48- A big pass interference call on TTU ‘s D.J. Polite-Bray setting up the Sun Devils at the TTU 47-yard line.

7:44-TOUCHDOWN: The Red Raiders score again on a Patrick Mahomes II 59 yard pass to Derrick Willies. Willies was wide open on poor coverage from the ASU secondary. TTU leads 14-9. 6 plays for 98 yards.

7:41- Another great punt from Arizona State, this time from QB Manny Wilkins. Putting the Red Raiders deep in their own backfield.

7:34-SAFETY: Arizona State defense comes up big. A team fumble recovery from TTU at the 0-yard line but ASU tackles for a loss to complete the safety. Arizona State leads it 9-7.

7:31- The Sun Devils special teams is looking stellar as Matt Haack boots his second kick for 59 yards and Texas Tech starts at their own one-yard line.

7:29- Worth noting, at this time Sun Devil QB Manny Wilkins is 5-8 with 56 yards and a touchdown.

7:23-TOUCHDOWN: Texas Tech responds with a touchdown of their own as QB Patrick Mahomes II runs in one yard for the touchdown. Clayton Hatfield adds the extra point tying the game at 7.

7:16- TOUCHDOWN: Manny Wilkins gets his first passing touchdown of the season as he completes a 10 yard pass to freshman WR N’Keal Harry. This is also Harry’s first career touchdown reception. Zane Gonzalez adds the extra point. Sun Devils lead the Red Raiders by a score of 7-0.

7:08- Arizona State ends their first drive with a 54 yard punt from Matt Haack as Texas Tech starts their first drive on their own four yard line.

7:05- The game goes underway as Tim White of the Sun Devils receives the opening kickoff and is pushed out at the 22 yard line.

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