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ASU Football: Arizona State @ Colorado Game Thread

(Photo: Brett Deckert/WCSN) 

IMPACT PLAYER: Zane Gonzalez. 3 FG’s made, each from 50+ yards out. Gonzalez now has 92 career field goals after breaking the record at 89 last weekend.

8:25- FINAL: ASU 16 CU 40. Great night for CU fans for their homecoming game. CU improves to 5-2 as ASU gets their second loss to have a 5-2 record.

8:18- TOUCHDOWN: Great performance from Phillip Lindsay as he rushes in for his third touchdown of the night. 40-16 with :40 left in the game. Drive Track: 8 plays, 47 yards, 4:48.

8:17-Colorado still attacking on the rush as they set up deep in the red zone.

8:11- ASU QB Manny Wilkins is sacked for the fifth time tonight. Has taken quite a few hits in this one.

8:04-FIELD GOAL: Zane Gonzalez launches a 59-yard field goal. His 3rd 50+ yard field goal tonight. 33-16 CU with 8:54 to go in regulation. Drive Track: 4 plays, -9 yards, 1:00.

8:02- QB Manny Wilkins sacked again this time from LB Addison Gillam who collects his first sack on the season.

7:57- Muffed punt on the play and the Sun Devils special teams jumps on it to recover the pigskin. ASU will start the drive at the Colorado 32-yard line.

7:54- Colorado punts for the fifth time tonight. Each other drive has been a scoring play, one missed field goal and a fumble.

7:52- Colorado offense still playing a high tempo style like they have been all game. 11:50 left in regulation at Folsom Field.

7:49- Another punt from Matt Haack rolls into the end zone for a Colorado touchback.

7:47- Call stands. Incomplete pass. 2nd and 10 from the ASU 46-yard line.

7:45- A controversial catch from Frederick Gammage currently under review. Call was incomplete pass.

7:42- Manny Wilkins still out there at QB for the Sun Devils. Many thought that would be replaced.

7:35- End of third quarter: Kyle Davis and Phillip Lindsay have been outrageous on the ground this game. Davis: 11 carries for 59 yards and 1 TD Lindsay: 15 carries 171 yards and 2 TD’s.

7:29-FIELD GOAL: 36-yard attempt from Chris Graham is good as Colorado has a 20 point advantage on ASU. 33-13 CU with 1:49 in the third. Drive Track: 12 plays, 62 yards, 4:28.

7:27- Pass interference is called on Kareem Orr but is declined. Huge reception from Jay MacIntyre to give the Sun Devils great field position.

7:25- Timeout taken by Colorado after some miscommunication.

7:22- INT: Manny Wilkins is hit in the pocket and is intercepted by CU DB Afolabi Laguda. Huge opportunity for the Sun Devils to score goes unanswered.

7:20- Tim White catches a massive 44-yard pass to get the Sun Devils to the Colorado 41-yard line. Speed of White burned his defender and impressive hands from the redshirt senior.

7:17- Davis Price misses a 26 yard field goal attempt. Arizona State takes over on offense from their own 20-yard line.

7:14- Phillip Lindsay has had himself a night so far as he has gathered 203 yards and two touchdowns. Longest run of the night was 75 yards.

7:06- FIELD GOAL: Zane Gonzalez boots one from 50 yards out to tack on 3 for the Sun Devils. Gonzalez just adding on to the record he holds as he is up to 91 FG in his career. 30-13 CU leading with 10:50 in the third. Drive Track: 4 plays, -2 yards, 1:32

7:03- Pressure has been good for the Sun Devils as CU has to go three-and-out deep in their own territory.

6:58- ASU QB Manny Wilkins comes up hobbling after taking a hit. ASU has to punt for the seventh time tonight.

6:56- Lindsay has 143 yards on the ground tonight, a career high for the Aurora, CO native.

6:51- 75-yard rushing touchdown from Phillip Lindsay puts Colorado up by 20. 30-10 CU with 14:48 in the third. Drive Track: 1 play, 75 yards, 0:12

6:24-At halftime: ASU 10 CU 23. Manny Wilkins 7-13, 69 Yards and 1 TD coming back from injury.

6:21- Three-and-out for the Sun Devils as they have to punt for the fifth time tonight.

6:20- Rushing comparisons so far in this game: CU- 135 yards and 3 TD ASU-36 yards.

6:16-TOUCHDOWN: Phillip Lindsay dives and crosses the goal line for a 13-yard rushing TD. CU leads it 23-10. 4:47 before halftime. Drive Track: 8 plays, 56 yards, 2:10

6:13- Big completion for CU as Devin Ross catches a 15-yard pass from Liufau. 

6:12- Arizona State defense defending well against Sefo Liufau’s passing game as he’s thrown two incompletions after going 9-9.

6:07- Fumble on the play as the ball got knocked out of Manny Wilkins’ hands. Arizona State is able to recover though at 3rd and 20.

6:03- TOUCHDOWN: QB Sefo Liufau runs it in from 3 yards out to give the Buffs a 17-10 advantage. 9:11 left in the second quarter. Drive Track: 4 plays, 75 yards, 1:46

6:00- Sefo Liufau completes a 66-yard pass to Bryce Bobo

6:00- Zane Gonzalez shows his power and the thin Colorado Air takes the kick almost in the stands.

5:56- A 51-yard FG from Zane Gonzalez ties the game back up at 10. 10-10 with 10:57 in the second. Drive Track: 5 plays, 42 yards, 1:57

5:54- Demario Richard rushes for 37 yards, his longest run on the season.

5:52- FIELD GOAL: 21 yard field goal from Davis Price to give the Buffaloes the 10-7 advantage. Drive Track: 12 plays, 72 yards 4:54.

5:48- Timeout taken by Arizona State with 13:59 left in the second.

5:47- Colorado starts with 1st and goal at the ASU 6-yard line.

5:43- End of first quarter: Stat track: Colorado QB Sefo Liufau: 7-7, 69 yards. Arizona State QB Manny Wilkins: 6-10, 66 yards and 1 TD. 7-7  tied up.

5:42- Sefo Liufau compeletes a screen pass to Kyle Evans for 32 yards.

5:37- TOUCHDOWN: Kody Kohl catches it in the back of the end zone for his first TD reception this season. Tied 7-7 with with 2:48 in the first quarter. Drive Track: 10 plays, 81 yards 2:49.

5:35- Illegal substitution on the Sun Devils for illegal substitution on WR Jalen Harvey. 

5:33- Muffed punt on the play as the gunner for the Sun Devils, Koron Krump, was able to recover.

5:27- Colorado has to punt after their second drive. On the punt, Tim White lost the football on the hit but is able to recover. ASU takes over on offense at the ASU 26-yard line.

5:22- Sun Devils’ second drive ends in a punt. Ends up in a touchback. Colorado takes over at their own 20-yard line.

5:20- Good pass from Manny Wilkins wrangled in by WR Tim White. A 28-yard reception for his first of the game.

5:15- TOUCHDOWN: RB Kyle Evans scores for Colorado on a 16-yard TD. Extra point good. 7-0 Colorado with 11:16 left in the first quarter. Drive Track: 10 plays, 81 yards, 2:49. 60 yards rushing on that drive as well.

5:14- Very fast paced offense coming from Colorado. Lots of missed tackles from the Sun Devils early in this game.

5:11- First drive for the Sun Devils ends in a punt from senior Matt Haack. Colorado takes over at their own 21-yard line. Starting quarterback for the Buffs is junior Sefo Liufau. 

5:07- Tim White returns it to the ASU 18-yard line. Starting quarterback for the Sun Devils is Manny Wilkins coming off an injury in the USC game two weeks ago.

5:02- Ralphie the Buffalo dashes the field as both teams are out of their locker room. Colorado wins the toss and differs. Arizona State will receive the kick.

4:55-About five minutes before game time at Folsom Field in Boulder, CO. Arizona State with a record of 5-1 (2-1 in Pac-12) and Colorado has a 4-2 (2-1 in Pac-12). Both Pac-12 losses came at the hands of USC for these teams.

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