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ASU Football: Arizona State @ Arizona Game Thread

(Photo: Gabrielle Mercer/WCSN)

*All times are in Pacific Standard Time*

10:10- FINAL: ASU 35 UA 56.

10:10- Arizona takes a knee for the last two plays of the game as Arizona takes home the territorial cup with a blowout win of 56-35.

10:07- Arizona has picked apart this Sun Devil defense. ASU with the ball right now but Wilkins cannot complete a pass. Wilkins has thrown the ball far and wide on each throw.

10:00- Arizona’s rushing offense has been on fire tonight. There really is no way to stop these guys with the personnel this ASU team has.

9:56- Roughing the passer called on Arizona LB John Kenny. 

9:54- University of Arizona now has 494 total rushing yards in the game. Arizona State has 118.

9:50- TOUCHDOWN: Samajie Grant breaks away for a 63-yard TD run as Arizona is just blowing away this Sun Devil defense. ASU 35 UA 55. 7:45 left in the game. Drive Track: 2 plays, 73 yards, 0:39

9:49- Arizona State tries to pull the squib kick but the Wildcats recover easily and start their drive at their own 27-yard line.

9:45- TOUCHDOWN: Manny Wilkins throws a floater to Fred Gammage for the 7-yard touchdown. ASU 35 UA 49. 8:29 left in the contest. Drive Track: 9 plays, 76 yards, 3:09

9:45- Roughing the passer called on Arizona DL Larry Tharpe Jr. 

9:41- Wilkins has ran the ball quite a bit but looks as thought that he has lost confidence in his run game.

9:36- TOUCHDOWN: Samajie Grant breaks away from the pile and spins in for the 2-yard touchdown. ASU 28 UA 49. 11:45 left in the game. Drive Track: 3 plays, 70 yards, 1:29

9:35- Arizona QB Brandon Dawkins dashes for 68 yards downfield but steps out of bounds at the 2-yard line before he could dive over to get the touchdown.

9:31- The Wildcats come up with another 4th down stop on the ASU Sparky formation as they gave to much pressure on RB Kalen Ballage, forcing him to throw it away. U of A starts their drive from their own 30-yard line.

9:29- Update: After deliberations, Jarvis McCall Jr. was ejected from the game off of the targeting call.

9:25- Pass interference called on Arizona safety Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles. Then a couple of plays later, targeting called on Arizona safety Jarvis McCall Jr. 13 penalties have been called in the game between the teams.

9:22- End of the 3rd Quarter: ASU 28 UA 42. The Wildcats’ rushing attack has dumbfounded the Sun Devils as they have collected 351 total rush yards tonight so far.

9:14- WB Manny Wilkins rushes and dips around for the first down. The QB has 62 rush yards tonight and leads his team in that category.

9:10- TOUCHDOWN: Zach Green does it again for the second time tonight as he sweeps into the end zone on a 1-yard TD rush. ASU 28 UA 42. 5:41 in the 3rd quarter. Drive Track: 4 plays, 83 yards, 1:34.

9:07- University of Arizona will not let up as two big runs for the Wildcats put them at the Sun Devil 7-yard line. Samajie Grant and Zach Green have been major contributors for the rush combining for 216 of the Wildcats’ 339 total rush yards.

9:02-TOUCHDOWN: N’Keal Harry comes up with a scooping grab to cut the Sun Devils’ deficit. A wide open Harry in the back of the end zone gives Wilkins his second pass TD of the game. ASU 28 UA 35. 7:29 left in the 3rd quarter. Drive Track: 8 plays, 79 yards, 2:17

9:01- Sun Devil WR Tim White comes up with a huge catch-and-run for 33 yards.

8:57- Screen passes have been effective for Manny Wilkins and the Sun Devils as he throws a 16-yarder to Fred Gammage. 

8:53- TOUCHDOWN: U of A responds with a touchdown of their own as Samajie Grant rushes in from 9 yards out to push the Wildcats lead further. ASU 21 UA 35. 9:52 left in the 3rd quarter. Drive Track: 3 plays, 75 yards, 1:22

8:52- RB Zach Green dashes for a huge gain, his longest of the night, for 56 yards.

8:47- TOUCHDOWN: Arizona State comes out of the locker room with a fire as RB Kalen Ballage sweeps into the end zone for the 2-yard rush TD out of the Sparky package. ASU 21 UA 28. 11:14 left in the 3rd quarter. Drive Track: 9 plays, 65 yards, 3:38

8:41- First half takeaways for ASU: Defense has blown to many coverages and allowed many unnecessary open lanes, the running offense has not worked in their favor and lose the uniforms. UA: Keep giving the ball to Samajie Grant, vary the running with Dawkins and keep going for short passes.

8:20- HALF: Arizona State 14 University of Arizona 28. Manny Wilkins: 21-25, 157 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT for ASU. Brandon Dawkins: 3-8, 77 yds, 1 TD, 8 carries, 98 yds, 2 rush TD’s.

8:16- TOUCHDOWN: Manny Wilkins zings it to senior Tim White for the 21-yard TD pass. This is Wilkins first passing touchdown of the game. Drive Track: 13 plays, 94 yards, 4:20.

8:08- Arizona safety Tristan Cooper is slow to get up by the sidelines with an apparent ankle injury.

8:05- DL Renell Wren makes a huge stop on 3rd down for the Sun Devils as he tackles Samajie Grant for a 3-yard loss.

8:01- Arizona State has to punt for the first time as Matt Haack boots it to midfield.

7:57- Injured player on the field for Arizona in Michael Barton. Looks to be fine as he jogs off the field without any assistance.

7:53- TOUCHDOWN: Running back Zach Green pushes his way through to score for the Wildcats. Arizona has now scored on four out of their seven drives. ASU 7 UA 28. 7:07 left in the 2nd quarter. Drive Track: 5 plays, 23 yards, 1:33

7:51- Dawkins on the out of bounds run crashed into Miss Arizona. Quite the way to introduce yourself.

7:48- FUMBLE: DL Sani Fuimaono recovers the loose ball that fell out of Wilkins‘ hand. Arizona now has great field possession as they start their drive at the ASU 23-yard line.

7:43- TOUCHDOWN: Wildcats receiver Nate Phillips catches one and runs it for 60 yards as he collects the third Arizona touchdown of the night. Dawkins with the 64-yard pass TD adds to his impressive two-touchdown night. 10:08 left in the second quarter. Drive Track: 2 plays, 63 yards, 0:40

7:41- Arizona rejects a Sun Devil fourth down conversion again as the pass from Wilkins is swatted down at the line of scrimmage.

7:40- Pass swatted down on the play but WR Tim White is able to recover to keep the ASU drive alive.

7:35- Wilkins has gone to an air raid style of offense with passing the ball very frequently. So far in the game, Wilkins has been 12-14 for 68 yards.

7:30- TOUCHDOWN: Wildcats’ QB Brandon Dawkins rushes in again for an Arizona touchdown as he just reached over the pylons to cross the plane. 14:18 left in the fourth quarter. Drive Track: 6 plays, 67 yards, 1:56

7:26- End of 1st Quarter: ASU 7 UA 7. Arizona has 159 total yards with 155 of those coming off the rush. Arizona State has 56 total yards with 38 coming from the air.

7:25- Samajie Grant taking something out of the Sun Devils’ playbook as he hurdles over an ASU defender. Manny Wilkins and Kalen Ballage would not be happy about that…

7:22- Arizona now has 147 rushing yards in the game so far. ASU’s rushing defense has been known for stopping the run game this season but has not been apparent in this game. Samajie Grant is the running back for the Wildcats with the most yards with 36 yards on 6 carries.

7:19- INT: Wildcats’ CB Devonte’ Neal gets his first interception of the year on Manny Wilkins for the second turnover of the game.

7:13- ASU is stuffed for the fourth down conversion as DL Larry Tharpe Jr. pulls Kalen Ballage down for the stop.

7:11- RB Demario Richard gets his second carry of the game for 4 yards. Richard has missed a couple of games this season due to injury but appears healthy for this one.

7:08- LB Salamo Fiso is in the game for the Sun Devils in his senior Territorial Cup matchup. Fiso had to miss the last couple of weeks due to an injury.

7:04- TOUCHDOWN: Devilbacker Koron Crump recovers the loose ball knocked out from DL JoJo Wicker and trots it all the way into the end zone. Arizona State ties it off of the turnover. UA 7 ASU 7. 7:49 left in the first quarter.

6:59- Wildcat QB Brandon Dawkins shows his athleticism with a first down run. Dawkins has 77 rushing yards in the game so far with his longest being the 71-yard TD run in their opening drive.

6:54- Zane Gonzalez shanks a field goal wide right. The field goal was from 53 yards out and Gonzalez has been consistent with his kicks all season. Arizona will start their drive at their own 35-yard line.

6:50- Holding penalty called on the Sun Devils. Manny Wilkins is the starting quarterback for the Sun Devils as he has dealt with injuries all season.

6:44- TOUCHDOWN: QB Brandon Dawkins scores from 71 yards out for the first touchdown of the game. 13:48 left in the first quarter. UA 7 ASU 0. Drive Track: 3 plays 75 yards 1:12.

6:40- Arizona receives the opening kickoff for a touchback.

6:35- About five minutes from kickoff as the 5-6 Sun Devils take on the 2-9 Wildcats of Arizona in the annual Territorial Cup. The Sun Devils are the current owners of the cup and have lost their last five games while Arizona has not won a Pac-12 game this season.

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