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ASU blows out Grambling State behind balanced attack

After an eight day hiatus from playing games that count, the Arizona State basketball squad laid a 97-55 beat-down upon the Grambling State Tigers Saturday afternoon.

The game was filled with many of the ingredients that typically make for an ASU victory.

This includes Jordan Bachynski imposing his will and stature upon the opponent, which the seven-footer did with his 15 points, 14 rebounds, and five blocks. Jermaine Marshall’s efficiency from the field also contributed, as he shot six for eight from the field and three for five from three point land. The dish that is an ASU win is of course headlined by Jahii Carson doing Jahii Carson things. Which the point guard executed as he slashed and passed his way to 16 points and six assists.

One thing that has not been in the recipe for the Sun Devils so far this year is Shaquielle McKissic’s contributions.

McKissic’s play was that dash of paprika into ASU’s win Saturday that gave a kick of flavor and promise to what would have otherwise been a bland and rather dull blowout.

The transfer shooting guard registered 19 points on six of eight shooting, including a perfect three for three from behind the arc.

Carson had described McKissic as that Carrick Felix-like athletic wingman earlier this season, but aside from the Maroon and Gold scrimmage, that athleticism and spark had not been seen from the Washington native.

It was present Saturday afternoon in a big way, and what McKissic can add to the team outside their normal realm of production was best summed up in a single play.

Bachynski started an offensive possession by blocking a shot that Carson then retrieved and outlet-passed to McKissic on the break. The  guard then grabbed the ball, took one dribble and launched himself into the air and toward the hoop for an emphatic dunk.

Teamwork, ball movement, and fundamental basketball, all capped off by an athletic play from McKissic that left a surprising but pleasant aftertaste in viewers’ mouths.

As ASU nears their Pac-12 schedule they will not be winning games by 40 points. However they will need the help of role players like McKissic if they want to continue cooking up wins.

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