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Arizona State soccer faces off against Boise State in last non-conference game

(Photo: Steve Rodriguez/ ASU athletics)

Head coach Kevin Boyd said that one of his main goals this season was to win every game at home.

The Sun Devils have won their last six home games dating back to last season, and will look to extend their streak as they host Boise State on Friday night.

The Sun Devils (5-2) are coming off of a 4-0 win over Southern Utah, while the Broncos (4-2-2) have not lost in their last five games. This is Arizona State’s last non-conference game.

“The main thing isn’t getting momentum going into conference,” head coach Kevin Boyd said. “It’s more about accomplishing goals that we have set for ourselves in the non-conference, and those goals are very much in our grasp right now. What we do Friday night will determine whether we accomplish our goals or not.”

Boyd said he focused on getting his team to play more disciplined defense this week in practice.

“We need to be better at what we would call ‘ugly soccer,'” head coach Kevin Boyd said. “We need to be better at clearing balls, blocking balls, and just getting it out of the danger zone.”

Boyd said that the Broncos are going to be a tough opponent because they’re well coached.

“They are very well organized for the style of play that they want to put in on their end,” Boyd said. “They’ve gotten a couple of really nice results. They got a win over Washington at Washington, which is definitely not easy to do. They’ve got a tie with Washington State which is a good result as well. They’re a formidable side.”

The Sun Devils have three shut outs this season and have outscored opponents by a margin of 18-8. Goal keeper Chandler Morris attributes this to the team’s work ethic.

“We’re working on us each day,  we’re working on getting better,” Morris said. “If we keep focusing on us and working on getting better each day, I think we’ll be confident in what we’re able to do.”

A win over Boise State would mean that the Sun Devils would boast six wins heading into conference play. Boyd believes that they are close to reaching the next level.

“We’re not far off it. There’s things that we’re doing that are, without a doubt, next level,” Boyd said. “We’re not doing all of the next level things, and that’s what we’re trying to identify, and become better at. As long as this group keeps getting better each week as we go, we will be at the next level.”

Kick off is set for 4:30 pm at Sun Devil Stadium.

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