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Arizona State @ Oregon Game Thread

(Photo: Scotty Bara/WCSN) 

IMPACT PLAYER: Kalen Ballage: 18 carries, 62 yards, 2 TD’s. 2-2 27 yards and TD as a passer.

5:45- FINAL: Oregon 54 ASU 35. ASU goes to 5-4 as Oregon gets their 1st Pac-12 win.

5:40- INT: Sterling-Cole throws another interception as this game appears to be over.

5:36- TOUCHDOWN: Oregon RB Royce Freeman trots it in from 10 yards out to seal this game. 53-35 Oregon with 2:36 left. Drive Track: 3 plays, 30 yards, 1:16

5:33- INT: Oregon DB Tyree Robinson leaps and snatches the ball out of the air from Dillon Sterling-Cole. After a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, ball goes to the ASU 30-yard line. N’Keal Harry tracked down Robinson downfield as he goes down 84 yards.

5:31- Ballage has 27 pass yaards, 62 rush yards and a TD. He can do it all folks.

5:25-TOUCHDOWN: Oregon RB Tony Brooks-James responds with a 58-yard TD run. Oregon leads it 47-35 with 6:06 left in the 4th. Drive: 3 plays, 75 yards, 0:33

5:25- Justin Herbert has shown that he is not afraid to run as he has 11 carries for 23 yards.

5:22- TOUCHDOWN: TE Kody Kohl catches a 3-yard TD pass from Kalen Ballage to bring the Sun Devils within five points. 40-35 Oregon. Drive Track: 2 plays, 55 yards, 0:42

5:20 FUMBLE- Oregon RB Kani Benoit loses the football and is recovered from Sun Devil Spur-back Marcus Ball. ASU now has the ball in the red zone.

5:15- Timeout taken from Arizona State with 9:05 left in regulation.

5:14- Big catch-and-run from ASU WR Jalen Harvey. A 45-yard completion on the play as they punch their way into Oregon territory.

5:11- Justin Herbert has now tied the school record for passing yards for Oregon. A huge game for the true freshman QB.

5:07- TOUCHDOWN: Oregon WR Johnny Mundt catches a dime and takes it to the house for the 53-yard touchdown. Oregon 40-28. Drive Track: 5 plays, 64 yards, 2:09.

5:03- Maurice Chandler down on the field for the Sun Devils with an apparent leg cramp. Currently getting looked at by trainers on the sideline.

4:58- TOUCHDOWN: With pressure, Dillon Sterling-Cole delivers a dime to freshman N’Keal Harry for a 9-yard touchdown pass. 2-point no good. 33-28 Oregon. Drive Track: 8 plays, 73 yards, 2:36

4:56- Penalty called on Oregon for having 12 players on the field. This is Oregon’s 7th penalty of the ball game.

4:54- Kalen Ballage showing his hops once again as he leaps over and Oregon defender to pick up a first down.

4:50-End of 3rd Quarter: Oregon 33 ASU 22.

4:48- FIELD GOAL: Aidan Schneider boots it from 23 yards to put the Ducks up by 11. 33-22 Oregon with :28 left in the 3rd. Drive Track: 6 plays, 49 yards, 1:17

4:44- Huge catch for the Duck’s as Jalen Brown wrangles in a 49-yard pass from Justin Herbert. Herbert now has 418 yards passing so far. Brown: 5 rec 97 yards.

4:42- After a tipped ball and dropped pass from Kalen Ballage, ASU punts it again. Ducks start their drive at their own 45 yard line.

4:38- Justin Herbert and the Oregon offense still marching down the field. Seems the defense of Arizona State cannot tackle on the running game. Secondary still creating problems for ASU.

4:31- TOUCHDOWN: Kalen Ballage turns on the afterburners as he runs in from 15 yards out to put the Sun Devils within 10. 2 point conversion good to Ballage. 30-22 Oregon. Drive Track: 9 plays, 77 yards, 3:11

4:28- Different staff in for the Sun Devils on the Sparky formation. This time, Nick Ralston gets the first down on the 3-yard rush attempt.

4:24- Aidan Schneider misses a 40-yard field goal attempt. ASU starts their 10th drive of the night from their own 23  yard-line. Previous 5 drive results for the Sun Devils: TD, PUNT, PUNT, INT, PUNT.

4:21- Timeout taken by Todd Graham for the Sun Devils. 8:16 left in the third quarter.

4:19- Oregon had everybody fooled on the fake punt as they rush for the fourth down conversion to the ASU 35-yard line.

4:17-Oregon between stops is usually between 16-20 seconds. Justin Herbert running a very up-tempo offense for this team.

4:12- Arizona State also has to punt on their first drive of the second half. The Ducks will start from their own 17-yard line. Oregon’s previous 5 drives: FG, FG, PUNT, TD, PUNT.

4:07- First drive of the second half, Oregon has to punt with a 4th and 17. ASU will start the second half on their own 46-yard line.

4:04- Second half begins as Oregon receives the second half kick.

3:45- HALFTIME: ASU 14 Oregon 30. Sterling-Cole: 7-14, 98 yds, 1 rush TD. Oregon WR Pharaoh Brown: 7 rec, 129 yds, 2 TD.

3:40- TOUCHDOWN: Another TD for Duck’s WR Pharaoh Brown, this one a 4-yard TD pass. Oregon 30 ASU 14. :09 left before halftime. Drive Track: 3 plays, 32 yards, 0:24

3:38- INT: Dillon Sterling-Cole is intercepted by Oregon linebreaker Jonah Moi. Oregon now is marching down the field off of a few huge completions to Pharaoh Brown. 

3:37-WR standout Tim White has not been seen on the offense, only on kick and punt returns.

3:33-Both defenses have two sacks so far. ASU has made 51 tackles compared to Oregon’s 32.

3:21-FIELD GOAL: Aidan Schneider makes his third field goal of the day. This one a 30-yard kick. Oregon 23 ASU 14 with 5:29 left in the half. Drive Track: 10 plays, 68 yards, 3:53

3:17- Update on Koron Crump–currently getting his right knee taped and a brace applied on now.

3:14-Redshirt freshman Nick Ralston now is the team leader for the Sun Devils in rushing so far. Four carries for 30 yards on the ground.

3:09-FIELD GOAL: Aidan Schneider connects on a 37-yard field goal to put the Ducks up by six. 20-14 Oregon with 12:31 left in the half. 20-14 Oregon with 12:31 left in the half. Drive Track: 9 plays, 55 yards, 2:40

3:06- Todd Graham uses up his last timeout of the half on a miscommunication call with the defense. 12:41 left in the half.

3:03-Update: Crump did walk off with his own power and is walking on the sideline after getting looked at. Could have been a huge loss for the Sun Devils.

3:01-On the sack, defensive standout Koron Krump is down on the play. Apparent right leg injury on the play.

2:56-End of Q1 from Oregon: ASU 14 Oregon 17. Dillon Sterling-Cole 6-9, 97 yards and 1 rushing TD in his first career start so far.

2:55- Nothing has been seen of Sun Devil RB Demario Richard from the game.

2:51- TOUCHDOWN: ASU QB Dillon Sterling-Cole bulldozes through for a 1-yard TD. :11 to go in the first quarter. Drive Track: 8 plays, 70 yards, 2:42

2:49-Flags fly as a false start is called on Sun Devil OL Zach Robertson. 

2:44- ASU calls another timeout at 2:57. The Sun Devils now have one timeout remaining in the half.

2:43-After an 8-yard rush from Oregon RB Royce Freeman, the Ducks get another first down on the drive. Freeman now has six carries for 30 yards.

2:38- On the punt, P Matt Haack got ran into on the play. Running into the kicker is called on Oregon. Re-punt on the play. The Duck’s third drive starts on their own 22-yard line.

2:36- Head coach Todd Graham calls his first timeout of the game for the Sun Devils. Ball on the ASU 29-yard line.

2:35- Fun Fact: The last Sun Devil to make his first career start at Oregon was Brock Osweiler. Osweiler now is the QB for the Houston Texans.

2:34- Sun Devils start their third from from the 25-yard line after a touchback.

2:30-TOUCHDOWN: A leaping effort from Oregon WR Charles Nelson gives Oregon the 14-7 lead. A 31-yard TD pass from Herbert to Nelson. 7:32 left in the 1st.

2:28- False start called on Oregon. 4th down conversion to WR Jalen Brown.

2:26- Oregon starts their second drive with a Royce Freeman run for 10 yards.

2:25- Ballage now has 11 TD’s on the season after that 12-yard rush.

2:21-TOUCHDOWN: Kalen Ballage rushes out of the Sparky formation for a 12-yard touchdown to even it up. 7-7 with 9:49 left in the 1st. Drive: 6 plays, 75 yds, 2:22.

2:19- Tremendous play call from offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey as a reverse flee flicker ends in a 35 yard completion from Sterling-Cole to Kalen Ballage. Ball now on the 19-yard line of Oregon.

2:18- Oregon Freshman QB Justin Herbert 2-2, 79 yards and 1 TD, three minutes in.

2:14-TOUCHDOWN: Oregon WR Pharaoh Brown for 72 yards beats two Sun Devil defenders for his 11th career touchdown. Oregon leads 7-0 with 12:11 to go. Drive Track: 3 plays, 79 yards, 1:11

2:11-Side note: Both Arizona State and Oregon have flashy uniforms for tonight. ASU debuting a desert chrome helmet with white tops and pants. Oregon is wearing bright neon green tops with black helmets and pants.

2:09-On the first play, OL Stephon McCray is injured with what appears to be a leg injury. Will keep updated when get more information on McCray.

2:07-This will be Sterling-Cole’s first start of his NCAA career.

2:03- Manny Wilkins will not be the starter for tonight’s game. Dillon Sterling-Cole will be taking the snaps for the Sun Devils. ASU wins the coin toss and will receive the opening kick.

1:58- About 10 minutes away from kickoff from Eugene, Oregon. Current weather is 61 degrees, partly cloudy skies and a light breeze. Perfect weather for Pac-12 football.

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