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    Keeping things in perspective

    Tracy Smith viewed Sunday's record-breaking 31-9 loss as an outlier in what has been an otherwise encouraging seven-week stretch

    (Photo: Dominic Cotroneo/WCSN)

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    Hosting Not in the Cards

    Despite a strong showing in Pac-12 play, the committee did not choose the Sun Devils to host a regional.

    (Photo: Dominic Cotroneo/WCSN)

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    Rough End

    As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. That good thing on Sunday was the Sun Devils series winning streak.

    (Photo: Gabrielle Mercer/WCSN)

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    Evened at One

    USC evened the series with ASU on Saturday, eliminating ASU from the Pac-12 title race

    (Photo: Dominic Cotroneo/WCSN)