• Dominic Cotroneo

    Going Dancing

    Arizona State was awarded a two seed in the Cal State Fullerton Regional, and take on three-seeded Clemson in game one

    (Photo: Dominic Cotroneo/WCSN)

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    Hotel California

    Sun Devils' blunders on basepaths too tough to overcome

    (Photo: Dominic Cotroneo/WCSN)

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    Trojans Find Devils' Achilles

    After an offensive outburst Friday, timely hitting disappeared on Saturday for Arizona State

    (Photo: Dominic Cotroneo/WCSN)

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    A Step in the Right Direction

    Peevyhouse, Bielek, Woomansee carry offense with multi-hit games

    (Photo: Dominic Cotroneo/WCSN)