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    Arizona took down the Sun Devils in a slaughter-rule game Sunday but ASU still takes home series win.

    (Photo: Alli Cline/WCSN)

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    Series Swept

    Brett Lilek and Brian Serven propel ASU to 14-6 victory

    (Photo: Dominic Cotroneo/WCSN)

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    A Regnant Ryndak

    Freshman pitcher Dale Ryndak is proving vital for Sun Devils, leads the team in ERA and is 11-4 on the season.

    (Photo: Alli Cline/WCSN)

  • Scotty Bara

    Sweep in Sight

    Ryan Kellogg delivers another fantastic outing, leading the Sun Devils to a series win

    (Photo: Scotty Bara/WCSN)